On July 8 the RSC Energia museum hosted the ceremony to present awards to the participants in the Great Start project, whose answers to the questionnaire were selected on May 4, 2011, by Russian crew members of Expedition ISS-27 commander Dmitry Kondratiev, flight engineers Alexander Samokutiaev and Andrei Borisenko. For each of these participants a personal souvenir was made, signed by the Corporation President V.A.Lopota and Expedition ISS-27 commander D.Kondratiev. The awards ceremony was conducted by the scientific adviser of the Great Start project, professor, winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation Mikhail Belyaev. The souvenirs were presented to Dmiry Nikolaev (Dolgoprudnyi), Yevgeni Kotov (Serpukhov), Yevgeny Sychev (Yubileinyi). Continue sending us your answers to the questionnaire, and it is possible that it will be your answers that will be selected by the cosmonauts the next time.  


2_m  3_m

Presenting the award to Yevgeny Kotov

Presenting the award to Dmitry Nikolaev

Presenting the award to Yevgeny Sychev



Originators of the Great Start experiment, developers of the web site Korolev’s Planet and participants in the project in the S.P.Korolev memorial room at RSC Energia Museum





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