Титов Г.С.

On August 6, 2011 exactly 50 years have passed since the first one-day space flight performed by German Stepanovich Titov, Vostok-2 spacecraft commander. He stayed in space one day, to be more precise 25 hours 18 minutes, and was the second, but the youngest man of out planet who visited space.

On the Earth, the second cosmonaut was awaited with no less excitement, than the first one. His orbital report laid the groundwork for training of future cosmonauts, for the first time the Earth photos were made.

German Stepanovich was a backup of Yury Gagarin, the first cosmonauts of our planet.

Gagarin said that a more complicated flight fell to German’s share. In fact, medical personnel expressed strong dissent against a one-day flight: “Well, three, or four orbits, and that's it?"

Titov German Stepanovich (09.09.1935 – 20.09.2000) was born in the village of Verkhnee Zhilino, Kosokhinsky Region, the Altai Territory. He performed his first space flight in 1961.

Lieutenant General of Aviation G.S.Titov, cosmonaut No.1 backup devoted heart and soul to the sky, he was an excellent proficient of the theory of aviation and cosmonauts, new projects, control projects, navigation and communication, skilful pilot of supersonic aircraft.

Archive documents relating to G.S.Titov’s flight can be found at the website. These are documents by which one can understand how it was 50 years ago.


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