Уникальная биотехнологическая аппаратура «Главбокс-С»Dear visitors of Korolev Planet portal!

Today I, Andrei Borisenko, a flight engineer of the ISS-50 prime crew want to depart from the established tradition and tell You not about a new scientific experiment but about unique biotechnological hardware Glovebox-S which is used to carry out a number of biotechnological experiments.

Now I am in MRM1 module where Glovebox-S hardware is stored. In this module one can perform various complex manipulations with science hardware not interfering with other crewmembers.
Let us get closely acquainted with the hardware that is developed in Moscow in Russian company BioTechSys.

This hardware is designed to create a clean sterile space, hermetically isolated from the ISS space. In Glovebox-S (glove box) a special gateway device which is called Port is loaded with tools, equipment designed for conducting biotechnological experiments in aseptic conditions. For example, the bioreactor loading with unoculum (Kaskad SE) occurs in the glovebox.

Now I'll put on cotton gloves and show You a cosmonaut at his workstation during operations with science hardware inside the Glovebox-S hardware using special gloves. The gloves are green, they allow to change the hardware configuration, make manipulations with samples inside the sterile pressurized volume of the glovebox. In accordance with the cyclogram of the conducted experiment in the Glovebox-S hardware it is possible to sterilize preliminarilly the hardware using a special device called sterilizer. I point with my left hand to its location.
Ultraviolet lamps are used for sterilization.

So that this sterilizer can operate, Glovebox-S is connected to the onboard network with a cable through the onboard power outlet and then the sterilization mode is started by pressing toggle switch “Sterilization”.

To perform complex operations with small objects, such as for example syringes with a nutrient medium in Glovebox-S one can switch on a light using toggle switch “General lighting”. At the moment the light inside the Glovebox is switched on. By pressing the toggle switch again the light can be switched off.

Using the Glovebox-S hardware the Aseptik, Kaskad biotechnological experiments are conducted and new experiments such as Probiovit and MKS-2 will be performed but the story of these experiments will be presented in the next report.

Thank You for attention, until next time!


Уникальная биотехнологическая ...
Уникальная биотехнологическая аппаратура «Главбокс-С»





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