Biomedical experiment Profilaktika-2. Research of various methods of physical exercises Dear visitors of the Korolev Planet portal!

Today I, Oleg Novitsky, a flight engineer of the ISS-50 prime crew, want to tell You about new biomedical experiment Profilaktika-2 which began during my expedition and I am the only performer of this experiment.

The experiment name Individual Strategy Test is aimed to study efficiency of various methods of physical exercises. To obtain comprehensive data on training efficiency all the time I am doing physical exercises on the Russian treadmill only. Today before dinner I perform the next (third) session of Profilaktika-2 experiment on the treadmill on which I am at this moment.

A very important element of complex data on training provided is data obtained from a new Russian gas analyzer. Now it is in my hand.

The Russian preventive measures system developed by Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IBMP RAS) which includes physical training as the main element, is onboard the ISS both on the Russian and U.S. Segments.

Efficiency of physical training was convincingly proved earlier in long-duration space flights at the Salyut and Mir orbital stations.

Onboard documentation strictly regulates physical exercises, but almost every cosmonaut can modify the recommended system in accordance with the current level of physical training, well-being and experience gained from previous space flights.

The Russian approach to providing physical training consists in intense interval training that allows to maintain physical performance at sufficiently high level and neutralizes negative changes in the cosmonaut neuromascular system.

Performing the test tasks within the framework of Profilaktika-2 experiment we provide the Russian scientists with the required amount of data on the basis of which they correct our training procedure.
We are sure that the Russian physical training system will be successfully implemented both during the manned expedition to Mars and during manned exploration of the Moon.

And now look how in fact Profilaktika-2 experiment is carried out.


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