Korolev’s Planet is a web site serving as a tool for establishing communications among a broad circle of persons interested in the application and development of space technologies.

The task of the project working group is to create a communications medium which meets the demands of the target audience for up-to-date information and modern means of communications.


Korolev’s Planet is open to all, in order to become its visitor it is sufficient to be a permanent resident of planet Earth.

The web site is positioning itself as a multi-language web site which is accessible to an audience which is not limited to the Russian-language segment of the Internet.

If you consider this project important and necessary, you may join us. The development of the web site is in your hands, we would welcome any kind of cooperation with you.

In the framework of the cooperation you can:

  • identify information services which you would like to use
  • assist in promoting and developing the web site
  • take an active part in contests
  • assist in organizing research and educational events
  • actively participate in shaping the information content of the web site


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