Happy New Year 2013, dear visitors to the Korolev’s Planet web site!

Space education experiment Great Start, which was launched in the year of the 50th of the first manned mission into space, will continue in the new year, 2013. During the last year, 2012, pages of our web site offered you a unique opportunity to get acquainted with some of the scientific and engineering research conducted on the ISS Russian Segment under a new section entitled “Space Education. Cosmonauts Explain and Report”. New unique reminiscences about anniversaries of great events in the history of manned spaceflight appeared in the pages of our web site under the section “Materials / About the Past and the Future of Spaceflight”. 

2013 will see the anniversaries of the following important events in the history of spaceflight:

  • 50th anniversary of the world’s first mission of a spacewoman, Valentina Tereshkova, onboard Vostok-6 spacecraft; 
  • 45th anniversary of the world’s first flight along the path Earth-Moon-Earth of unmanned spacecraft Zond-5 which flew around the Moon and returned back to Earth;
  • 35th anniversary of the first flight of unmanned cargo transportation spacecraft Progress and the first unmanned cargo delivery to space station Salyut-6;
  • 35th anniversary of the start of international cooperation in space onboard space station Salyut-6;
  • 25th anniversary of the flight of reusable Buran orbiter;
  • 20th anniversary of the start of full-scale work on the sea-based space launch complex, which is currently known as Sea Launch;  
  • 15th anniversary of the launch of the Russian Functional Cargo Module Zarya, the first module of the International Space Station.  

We’ll do our best to present new interesting information on the pages of our web site about each of the above anniversaries.

We would also like to inform you that at present we are working on the new version of the questionnaire for the Great Start experiment. The procedure of determining the finalists using the new questionnaire will be the same: The new version of the questionnaire with your answers will be sent to the International Space Station and the cosmonauts will name the authors of the most interesting, in their opinion, responses to each question in the questionnaire. A video broadcast from ISS about best answers to the questionnaire will be posted on the web site Korolev’s Planet. All the participants named by the cosmonauts will receive awards from RSC Energia management and cosmonauts. 

We conclude the first stage of the space experiment Great Start by congratulating the following active participants in the 2012 questionnaire survey:

  •  Adushkin, Sergei Alexandrovich from Saransk;
  •  Kharchenko, Daria Ivanovna from Korolev, Moscow region;
  •  Kovalenko, Yevgeni from Irkutsk;
  •  Mstislavova, Polina and Marasanova (unfortunately, we do not know her first name) from Borisoglebsky village in Yaroslavl region;
  • Shumilina, Uliana from Pervomaisk, Nikolaev region, Ukraine;
  • Yevlampieva, Olga Andreevna from Korolev, Moscow region;
  • Zdanevich, Yulia Valentinovna from Korolev, Moscow region.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that now you can learn about updates of our web site Korolev’s Planet in social networks V Kontakte and Facebook. Visit us, we will be glad!


And, of course, we want to wish a happy New Year to all space fans!


Editorial board of Korolev’s Planet web site of the Great Start experiment





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