Завершение викторины «Задай свой вопрос экипажу МКС»

Here is the final broadcast of the quiz.Answering your questions from the ISS are cosmonauts of Expedition ISS-40.
Our thanks to all the participants in the quiz.

A. Skvortsov: Good day, dear participants in the quiz Ask the ISS Crew a Question! We, flight engineers of Expedition 40 to the International Space Station welcome the opportunity to answer some of your questions.
M. Suraev: Overall, we have received about 90 questions. All of them are very interesting and informative. Some of the questions are very original and have never been put to us before.
O. Artemiev: Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we won't be able to answer all of these interesting questions. That is why have chosen several questions which are, in our opinion, the most interesting and entertaining, and we'll try to answer them.



On October 12, 1964, launch vehicle Voskhod put into a low Earth orbit the first multiseater spacecraft Vostok carrying three cosmonauts onboard, the descent vehicle of which one day later successfully returned the crew back to Earth.

Д. Слейтон и А.А. Леонов на борту комплекса «Союз — Аполлон»

In 2014. marks 40 years since the beginning of the spacecraft flight under the ASTP program (Apollo-Soyuz Test Project) approved by the agreement of 24.05.1972 between the USSR and the USA about cooperation in the exploration and use of space for peaceful purposes.

On July 15, 1975 the main flight program ASTP began. For the first time in human history the USSR and the USA spacecraft: Soyuz-19 and Apollo implemented rendezvous and docking forming a single orbital complex. The envoys of the USSR and the USA A.A. Leonov, V.N. Kubasov, T. Stafford, V Brandi, D. Slayton made transfers from one spacecraft to the other and joined hands in a handshake symbolizing the cooperation of people from different countries in space and on the Earth. 

D. Slayton and A.A. Leonov onboard the Soyuz-Apollo complex

Технический эксперимент «Отклик» Report from the ISS RS of Russian cosmonauts Alexander Alexandrovich SKVORTSOV and Oleg Germanovich ARTEMIEV on Space experiment Otklik

А. А. Леонов

Korolev's Planet portal places the drawings sent to the Contest after A.A. Leonov till September 20th.

Wait for our announcements about the winners.


А. А. Леонов

The Korolev's Planet web site finishes the publication of drawings sent in for the contest dedicated to Alexei Leonov.
We are posting on the web site the third batch of drawings that were sent in before September 20.

Wait for our announcements about the winners.


55 лет успешным полетам к Луне космических аппаратов «Луна-2», «Луна-3»

The editorial board of the Korolev's Planet website continues to publish materials dedicated to lunar exploration.

55 years ago the USSR launched interplanetary probes Luna-2 and Luna-3, which enables significant advances in lunar studies. We bring to your attention an editorial on INTERPLANETARY PROBES LUNA-2 AND LUNA-3

Космический эксперимент «Мотокард» Report from the ISS RS made by cosmonauts Tyurin Mikhail Vladislavovich and Ryazansky Sergei Nikolaevich about "Motokard" space medical experiment

Рисунки к конкурсу имени А.А. Леонова

The Korolev's Planet is posting a second batch of drawings sent in for the contest dedicated to Alexei Leonov.
At the requests of the visitors to the web site, the editorial board of the site extends the contest till September 20.


Victor Vasilyevich Sinyavskiy

The editorial staff of «Planet of Korolev» portal starts publishing series of materials, devoted to Moon's exploration.

This series of materials is started by RSC «Energia» n.a. S.P. Korolev scientific consultant, Doctor of Engineering Science, the professor of Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Baumann, Victor Vasilyevich Sinyavskiy, one of the authors of «The Moon is a step to Solar system exploration technologies» book, who tells about his own image of Moon's research and exploration necessity, feasible directions and technologies of human's expansion there in future.


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