Космический эксперимент Кулоновский кристалл. Исследование плазмы в условиях микрогравитации

Медицинский КЭ «Кардиовектор»

The report involved:

  • flight engineer Shkaplerov Anton,
  • flight engineer Samokutiayev Alexander

All experiments at the ISS Russian Segment are fulfilled in accordance with long-term Program of scientific application studies and experiments (NPI). The Program has experiments arranged into groups according to the scientific and technical researches' trends. One of the researches' trends is the research "Human in Space". The experiments connected with medical maintenance of manned space flights, including perspective of the flight to other planets, correspond to this trend.

From the Archive. Space objects’ engineering on the basis of Н-1 heavy launcherThe editorial board of the web site begins the publication of a series of archive materials of the Experimental Design Bureau (OKB-1) headed by S.P. Korolev (at present called S.P. Korolev RSC Energia), related to the exploration of the Moon and other planets of the Solar System. Thus, the editorial board continues to discuss with the visitors to the web site the problems of lunar exploration, which was started with the publication.


After the successful launch on December 23, 2014, of the heavy launch vehicle Angara-А5 the task of lunar exploration transitions from theory to practice.

We hope that the problem of exploration of the Moon and other planets of the Solar System, which S.P. Korolev did not live long enough to solve, will be solved by the current generation of Russian scientists and engineers, and let them be assisted in this undertaking by the materials developed under the leadership of S.P. Korolev.

Note: N-1 - the Soviet super-heavy launch vehicle was to put 75 tons of payloads into a low-Earth orbit and 16 tons into lunar orbit.

Полет кораблей "Союз" и "Аполлон"  (автор картины Robert McCall)
Soyuz and Apollo in flight
(painting by Robert McCall)
The program of the joint experimental mission of the US and Soviet spacecraft of Apollo and Soyuz types (abbreviated to ASTP - Apollo-Soyuz Test Project), was approved by the Agreement between USSR and USA on the cooperation in the research and use of space for peaceful purposes dated 24, 1972.

«ПРОБОЙ»Currently the problem of the increasing pollution of circumterrestrial space by debris becomes more urgent. The probability of the Space Station collision with different anthropogenic particles also increases. Besides, there is a probability of a collision with meteoroids moving in interplanetary space (meteoroid is a celestial body intermediate in size between the interplanetary dust and asteroid).
As a result of the space object collision with the Station body the Station modules depressurization can occur. Depressurization is a real danger as a result of which a instantaneous decision must be accepted to remove a leak.
The unfortunate experience of the Station modules depressurization in manned cosmonautics history was gained when the Spektr Module depressurization of the Mir Space Station occurred. Then it was not possible to find the module leak area and restore its operation. All this shows the importance of online detection of the breakdown area as theoretically a breakdown can occur in any area and at any time despite the fact that control of space debris around the ISS is exerted continuously, and, if required, the MCC specialists "force" the ISS to perform "The debris avoidance maneuver".

Поэтический конкурс «Звуки космоса»

December 25, 2014 through March 12, 2015 the Korolev's Planet web site held a poetry contest Sounds of Space.

The results of the competition have been announced for all three categories:

1. Poem about spaceflight
2. Poem about Space
3. Free-form poem


Поэтический конкурс «Звуки космоса»

December 25, 2014 through March 12, 2015 the Korolev's Planet web site held a poetry contest Sounds of Space.

Upon completion of the contest, its preliminary results were summed up and a short list was drawn up for each category of the contest:

1. Poem about spaceflight
2. Poem about Space
3. Free-form poem

The winners of the contest, as well as the awards and the time and place of their presentation will be defined in the nearest future.

Look out for publications on the Korolev's Planet web site!




Встреча с Леоновым Алексеем Архиповичем

Final stage of artists' Contest named after A.A.Leonov started on the «Korolev Planet» portal in a year of A.A.Leonov 80th anniversary

The promised meeting of contest nominees with A.A.Leonov took place in the Star City on February, 27 2015. The meeting was held in the Star City's Cosmonautics Museum.
Each picture was carefully reviewed and commented upon. 

А. А. Леонов Pilot cosmonaut of the USSR, twice Hero of the USSR Alexei Arkhipovich Leonov is to conduct on February 27, 2015 in Star City a ceremony to select winners in the contest named after him, which was organized by the Korolev's Planet web site in the year of A.A. Leonov's 80th anniversary.
The winners will be selected by A.A. Leonov out of 12 nominees of the contest (120 works were posed on the web site; the total number of works that were sent in was much higher).
All the winners of the competition will have a chance to be personally photographed with A.A. Leonov and will get back their drawing signed by the legendary cosmonaut. Also, a group photo will be taken of all the nominees of the competition together with A.A. Leonov.
A tour of the museum of space flight at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center is planned.

Photographs from the ceremony will be posted on our web site and also e-mailed to the winners and nominees.
Below is the list of the contest nominees. If a nominee has sent in more than one work, the list gives the name of the work which was selected.


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