S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia conducts an educational space experiment Great Start that began in the year of the 50th anniversary of the flight of the first man in space. Established within the framework of this experiment was the web site Korolev's Planet, entrusted with the tasks of drawing the general public's attention to our country's manned space flight activities and experiments conducted in space, of space education, and of raising various social groups' awareness of manned space activities.

Russian members of the International Space Station (ISS) crew get periodically involved in popularizing the achievements of our country's manned spaceflight when they run sessions of the Great Start experiment by performing video broadcasts about new research conducted on the Russian Segment of the ISS. These video broadcasts are posted under the section Space Education: Cosmonauts Talk and Explain.

Prominently featured on the web site are materialzs under the section Space Flight Past and Future

This also includes unique materials from the archives:

And interviews and reminiscences of active participants in space events marking the anniversaries of those events:

and also materials dedicated to current space research and technologies and new space projects:

Periodically, the web site offers a unique opportunity to take part in unique events held onboard the ISS RS. Thus, in 2011-2013, the web site posted a special questionnaire, answers to which were sent to the ISS and cosmonauts selected the best answers. Materials about the quiz are also posted on the web site:

Since January 2014, the Korolev's Planet web site has been conducting a space quiz «Put a question to the crew of the International Space Station». Participants who have passed the quiz are given an opportunity to put their question to Russian cosmonauts currently staying onboard the ISS. The editorial board will be putting together blocks of your questions and sending them to the ISS. The cosmonauts will select the questions they like most and in their video broadcasts will answer these questions and name the participants in the quiz who have sent in the most interesting questions. The video broadcasts will be posted on the pages of the Korolev's Planet website.

The objective of the materials posted on the Korolev's Planet web site is to get thinking people actively involved in space science, to provide them with an opportunity to take part in a new technological breakthrough, which had already been achieved once before by the team headed by S.P.Korolev.

Please, make active use of the Cooperation section. Your proposals will be carefully reviewed and each will get a detailed answer.


Research advisor of the space experiment Great Start,
Doctor of Engineering, professor

M.Y. Belyaev






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